Acquisitions Advisory Services

ALCOR Acquisitions team uses a variety of ALCOR’s proprietary tools to drive low-cost acquisitions so that the minimum investment is made, even as low as 10% of the target’s value and rest funded in ahighly structured manner with the target's stakeholders and assets. We drive high value  with our global relationships of 1500 plus equity and debt institutions, which brings-in capital as required at the best value for each and every acquisition. Every target undergoes rigorous value creation evaluation and resource mapping so that we are quickly able to churn out the waste and make it into a highly profitable company quickly. Our services also include offering insights into the best practices in an M&A program, decision-makingprocessfor our clients, insights into the potential of divestment or investment, and making sure to align that decision with the overall corporate strategy of the client. With our experienced tools and analyst’s assistance, the companies have built a suitable roadmap leading to their corporate strategy, targets, and growth opportunities.

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