ALCOR Value Proposition

The core value proposition by ALCOR are

  • Harvard Business School-educated team with in-depth knowledge about multiple structure options, creating outstanding value, with global and Indian experience.
  • Deep industry and CEO level contacts with funds, Digital Learning Media companies, and potential foreign market entrants.
  • Exposure to billion and $10 million plus transactions.
  • Market -leader in cross-border M&A.
  • Global offices in 20 countries across the world. India office has a staff strength of 70 plus analysts supporting various global locations.
  • A full-service Investment Bank, with a total solutions-driven approach, including identification, negotiations, structuring (high value-driven models), funding (both equity &debt), post-merger integration of HR, operations and client retention.  
  • Right, pitch, high delivery (valuation) and within the time frame.
ALCOR Approach

ALCOR approach is unique and self-disciplinary to ensure the clients are successful. ALCOR global offices study prospects and contact them with presentation of possible M&A transaction and its impact. On mutual agreement, ALCOR proceeds to set up and structure the M&A transaction with performance clauses to ensure long-term success. ALCOR works on Retainer Fees and Progressive Milestone Fees with Success Fees, mitigating a deal failure risks for clients.

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14 Block company analysis
A 14 block portrait of the company in visual imprint, for clear self assessment, which includes, understanding its Value Proposition, Markets, Global customer mapping, ability to follow Global customers, Customer Velocity, Access to Market, Customer Management, Revenue streams, Key resources, Key activities, Key relationships, Key processes, Value chain integration, Business risk mitigation and Cost structure.


Value Proposition


Strategy 360
Drive Growth and Profits. This strategy helps the company to use global low-cost resources to increase its profitability and enter high growth markets to increase top line growth. This is achieved by the globalization of the company, and by developing the relevant resources to drive topline growth and bottom line savings. 


Low-Cost JV Model
A company can grow into global locations to service its global customers anytime through Joint Ventures. The company can set up operations in Asia, Middle-east, Africa and South America through Joint Ventures. Its core investments are its intangibles such as its existing customer relationships, products and services and the business it brings into the relationship.


Low Cost Acquisition model
A company can acquire another “target company” with just about 10% of its value, by structuring the rest of the investments through ‘debt on the targets assets’, ‘structured payments from profits’, ‘vendor credit’, ‘customer credit’, ‘customer funded working capital’, ‘JV partnership driven capital and the like.


RGF Models
A company must follow its global customer map with the geographical footprint to support the customers. This is a critical step to mitigate business risks for the company. This can be achieved in a low-cost way through ALCOR’s innovative RGF models using ALCOR’s resources and portfolios globally.


Geographical Scope - M&A


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