In recent years, automotive industry has seen steep growth in the Asia-Pacific region, and it is due to the strong supply chain network among the manufacturers in western and eastern geographic regions. With this crucial momentum of industry shift, OEMs have established a strategic partnership with their suppliers, and to cater the need of right partner selection ALCOR M&A has stepped forward with its long experience of partnership building consultancy services. As of today, the company has successfully seized many strategic deals among top automotive leaders across the globe.  

Since, India has emerged as a major automobile hub in Asia, all the major European, American, Japanese key automobile manufacturers have set up their plant in India to capture South Asian market. This has enabled many TIER1 and TIER2 suppliers in Europe and America to start manufacturing set up in India as a part of “follow your customer” strategy. ALCOR has helped many automotive components manufactures in Europe and USA to find right partner in India for JV and right targets for acquisitions.

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