Joint Venture Advisory Services

Leader in overcoming structural challenges for a successful joint venture partnership

Our professionals are adept at helping business owners navigate through various corporate and product strategies with one another to create clear benefits for both joint venture participants. We help our clients through our Business Alliance Strategy in mastering various aspects of a successful joint venture. To this end, we can consult with you in maximizing your results from the joint venture process through our Joint Venture Experts.



Coordinating various company and product strategies with each other to add value to the company.


Accelerating the decision-making process, increasing transparency and preventing conflicts of interest.


Imparting critical knowledge and intellectual property to the joint venture without compromising the competitive position of the parent group. Negotiation of transfer prices as well as shared services with the help of Strategic Advisors.


Business alliance management helps in putting the right people in the right places, creating a unique joint venture culture, creating short and long-term incentives.


Business alliance strategy helps in clearing up differences in communication and management styles as well as coordinating the decision process with the ability to take risks and prevent any perception of asymmetrical returns.


Joint Venture Advisory & Strategic Business Alliance

ALCOR is a global leader in cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions and has active feet on the ground in more than 20 cities. ALCOR is also a leader in conducting and presenting global search for the clients looking fora Joint Venture (JV) partner, acquisition targets in respective market segments. Our experienced research team in each segment is experienced enough to derive the synergies between parterns and establish a business case for the venture. Our team of experts works jointly with the clients to enable strong inorganic growth of the business and to achieve their business goals.

ALCOR assists the clients through all the stages of the Joint Venture and acquisitions. Areas of expertize include identification and realization of the synergies, a complete walk through of the business negotiation, the accomplishment of the overall valuation for strategic business alliance, and finally, structuring the entity proposed by the parties. ALCOR assists the clients for 5-years after structuring the entity, which helps client to mitigate the risks involved in execution of joint venture and integration of both the entities. We also offer assistance in ironing out any cultural conflicts andother such issues during execution of the joint venture.

Our Joint Venture models includes:

  • Green Field Switch Model
  • Conditional Structure Joint Venture
  • Minority Controlled Joint Venture
  • Performance Joint Venture
  • Low-Cost Market Entry Model Joint Venture
  • Technology Joint Venture
  • International Growth Value Joint Venture
  • Restructuring Joint Venture
  • Remote Resource Contract Joint Venture

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