A company can grow across global locations to service its customers in a relatively low-risk model structured as a Joint Venture. ALCOR can help you set up operations in America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, Middle-east, Australia & NZ and Africa through Joint Ventures (JV).

ALCOR’s low-cost JV model helps organizations in growing their revenue, reducing costs and mitigating risk. A Joint Venture is one of the many collaborative opportunities within the partnership framework which is changing how organizations seek international growth. For example, a company with cutting-edge technology from Europe/US may want to reach its target market in India. A Joint Venture with an Indian company would give the firm access to the market with a transfer of technology & know-how which is a win-win for both parties. 

Types of Joint Ventures include five core types which are a) Limited Joint Venture, b) Separate Joint Venture (Greenfield), c) Equity Joint Venture d) Contractual Joint Venture and e) Integrated Joint Venture. 

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