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Global Leader in Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Services

Redefining M&A Strategy to Drive Competitiveness in a Digital World

ALCOR assists help companies to identify value and integrate smaller strategic targets to suit global growth strategy. Every company needs to develop an M&A vision that aligns with the dynamics of their industry in the face of disruption and convergence. Companies need to adopt the criteria and decision frameworks for evaluating their portfolio and acquisition targets to fully understand a deal’s impact on their portfolio - and how it will enable them to redefine their business model. This will accelerate their overall M&A decision making to move at the speed of the market and avoid missing out on key opportunities to acquire vital capabilities.

Mergers & Acquisitions in the Digital Age: Value Delivered Faster

Combining expertise in strategy and technology to create and execute robust M&A strategies that generate superior value through our Merger & Acquisition Advisory as well as Joint Venture Advisory

Mergers & Acquisitions Experts

Helping You Quickly Maximize Value, While Minimizing Risk.

Mergers & Acquisitions Services

We provide Mergers and Acquisitions consulting across the global with our specific M&A model.

Value Capture

Our M&A practitioners have large scale transformation experience and bring skills across the entire investment lifecycle. We know where to look for additional value that is typically missed by our competitors as we have specific set of Mergers and Acquisitions data.

Broad Skills

Our deep experience managing and implementing major enterprise-wide projects helps to minimize the risk in any transaction.

Global Capability

Our network of M&A strategists helps enable us to draw upon the best talent and resources for every client project.

Deep Functional Expertise

We have a dedicated global M&A practice with deep experience in Strategy, Supply Chain, IT, Sales, Marketing, Finance and Change Management. We provide business acquisition models too.

Do you want to develop a global M&A strategy that can increase your sales revenue by 100% over three years and increase profitability by 8%-12% ? If so, reach out to us and we will work with you.

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Mergers & Acquisitions in the Digital Age: Value Delivered Faster

ALCOR is a global leader in cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Services, providing multifaceted, tailor-made, business decisions, to the clients in aerospace, auto-components, chemical, IT, electronics, and pharmaceutical industries. With the experience of over 100-plus man-years in M&A with global clients, our team of experts maximizes in extracting the best value. We offer optimal solutions to the clients through our macroeconomic forecasting, synergy analysis, 14 block micro-mapping, global customer mapping, Strategy 360, LCA and LCJ models, RFG models, and such other innovative and ALCOR developed IP services. Our experienced team of trained Merger and Acquisition specialists assists our clients in adopting just the suitable growth strategies based on their corporate goals.

Along with competent business consulting services, we, at ALCOR, are involved in the thorough and detailed execution of transactions. We focus and always build a strong, long-term relationship with our clients. ALCOR M&A Advisory experts' team deliver transaction-focused strategic advice to corporations, private equity funds, joint venture advisory, and public sector clients. Our integrated offering of M&A advisory, due diligence, macroeconomic forecasting, and tax structuring can deliver optimal solutions for our clients.

We are specialized in:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Buy-side advisory
  • Sell-side advisory
  • Restructurings at a global level
  • Cross-border transactions
  • Mid-market transactions

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