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ALCOR M&A's Joint Venture Advisory Helped a Company in Scaling up its Business

Chicago, IL – July 26, 2017- ALCOR M&A is a firm advising on a range of venture capital, private equity and corporate venturing transactions. We professionals are adept at helping business owners navigate through various corporate and product strategies with one another to create clear benefits for both joint venture participants. We help our clients through our Business Alliance Strategy in mastering various aspects of a successful joint venture. To this end, we can consult with you in maximizing your results from the joint venture process through our Joint Venture Experts.

We are active in the private equity market, whether advising the equity investors, management, target, or debt providers. Our practice covers not only domestic buyouts and buy-ins but also has considerable expertise advising on international transactions. The team is supported by other specialist groups within the firm. Many of our IP and regulatory partners have spent time in-house at technology or media companies, or with regulatory bodies, bringing a useful insight into the underlying due diligence of IP-rich or regulated companies.

Redefining the Emerging Market Opportunity

Business Alliance Strategy helps in clearing up differences in communication and management styles as well as coordinating the decision process with the ability to take risks and prevent any perception of asymmetrical returns. ALCOR global offices study prospects and contact them with presentation of possible M&A transaction and its impact. On mutual agreement ALCOR proceeds to setup and structure the M&A transaction with performance clauses to ensure long term success. ALCOR works on Retainer Fees and Progressive Milestone Fees with Success Fees, hence mitigating a deal failure risks for clients.

Along with competent consulting services, ALCOR offers optimal solutions to the clients through low-cost merger model; low-cost acquisition model and global M&A advisory which offers tried and tested services in all the matters related to merger integration and follow-ups. The company is also involved in the thorough and detailed execution of transactions. We focus and always build a strong, long-term relationship with our clients.

About ALCOR Mergers and Acquisitions

ALCOR offers its fund management services with an investment range of US$10mn to US$500mn along with an array of investment banking services. ALCOR augmented with an elite Board of Harvard and Oxford alumni; extends its dynamic leadership for M&A advisory, buy-side & sell-side advisory, JV advisory & execution, strategic alliance, management buyouts & leveraged buyouts, Corporate Finance & Restructuring and Business Growth Consultancy. ALCOR Fund has several portfolio companies in emerging markets.

ALCOR has become one of the leading players in PE consulting, M&A, International Business Development and consulting services over last five years. ALCOR has assisted numerous clients in North America, Europe, and Asia to grow their business in organic as well as through inorganic way. At ALCOR, we advise clients across industries during different stages of capital requirements with the primary goal of offering long term appreciation of the capital.



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